Marnie Orr and Rachel Sweeney

body | land | relation

Immersive Physical Laboratory for dance and visual artists

Adaptation took place in Dartmoor National Park between 6-11 April 2010. Adaptation was a residential intensive for professional dance and visual artists, exploring immersive approaches to site based movement and visual performance practices.

Facilitated by ROCKface interdisciplinary performance research collective, Marnie Orr and Rachel Sweeney. Using body mapping | micro and macro site exploration | topographic movement training, and durational inhabitation processes, they steer an interdisciplinary performance investigation into perception, proprioception and perspective, exploring the relationship of body and land.

Morning research in the studio

Guided walk with Dartmoor Geographer Willem Montagne
Photo Carla Vendramin

Performer Llewyn Maire / Photo Carla Vendramin

Performer Carla Vendramin / Photo Rachel Sweeney

Performer Rachel Sweeney/ Photo Marnie Orr

Performers Lisa Newman and Manuel Vason
Photo Llewyn Maire

Performer Lisa Newman / Photo Llewyn Maire

Performer Katie Etheridge / Photo Carla Vendramin

Performer Marnie Orr / Photo Carla Vendramin

Performer Marnie Orr / Photo Michelle Outram

Performer Carla Vendramin / Photo Manuel Vason

Performer Michelle Outram / Photo Manuel Vason
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