Latitude -32° 4' / -31° 58

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The Latitude Project
An international 
cross-artform arts projects between collaborating dancers Marnie Orr (Australia) and Carla Vendramin (Brazil).

Perth:            -32° 04' 115° 49'   
Porto Alegre: -31° 58' -52° 46'

If there is only 6° of separation between people, how many degrees of separation between places? There is only 2° difference in latitude between Perth and Porto Alegre. This is our starting point.

Other Questions

What are the geographical, historical, cultural, social and geologically significant similarities and differences between our cities? 

What characteristics draw our attention?
How can we compare cities?
Why is this project important, if at all? 

Stage 1: Research.
Dig deep into our respective cities of residence; share our findings; identify our specific line of inquiry

                          October 2012
 Porto Alegre
        Parque Moinhos de Vento      

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