Transnational Research Exchange - Centre through Muscular Response

Focusing on my centre:
Only yet exploring the question from training sessions in studio.
It was about strength / my power base.
My ability to go where I want. To be versitile in terms of body action.
Could go further - direct - deeper in the movement within MB Bodyweather MB training indoors, not leading
"constantly re-engaging with myself through the centre"
constantly reflection in action - and knowledge in action.
it is a memory
This is an imaging. I cannot see insode myself,
A constant re-collection, many many times a day, moment by moment.

where is your centre?
lower torso

had an early recognition ( as child) of 'requiring' - engaging abdomnals
understood the abdomnals muscle action towards spide / work with breathinh
centre is a movement inwards and outwards
3 points - belly naibow - pelvic floor - alow 3 draws up - triangule
I experienced a full change in my stance.
My recent experience in a training (indoors) environment, I have found I also have this movement around my girdle from the back and up. This as a third movement. Brilliant.
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