Practising intercontinentally and working / meeting online

We'll set tasks to each other, choosing something to work on that relates to where we already are in our investigative process.
Sunday10May2009 11:25

Marnie to Carla
Marnie working towards a task for Carla:
Pedestrian Body -
What are the physical charactristics of a pedestrian body?
Describe these characteristics according to the physical properties
weight distribution
speed relation
Sunday10May2009 11:26

Carla to Marnie
Marnie, you work is about terrain and adaptations to the terrain, imersivity, changes body states.
Sunday10May2009 11:35

Marnie to Carla
In reflection I now recognise the very different focuses between Dartmoor, InVivo and the Aus-based projects.
Sunday10May2009 11:36

Marnie to Carla
I recognize in our work these principles of practice:

Carla to Marnie
yes. and also process driven
Sunday10May2009 11:37

Marnie to Carla
These are the foundations of all the body/environment explorations.
But the FOCUS has been different
InVivo was more about the group
Sunday10May2009 11:40

Dartmoor was about: proprioception | kinesthetic relation | mapping
Sunday10May2009 11:43

Kalamunda/Bridgetown was about: individual process | relation to the environment as a person - inhabitation, just being there. Very different from the intensive internal/sensory relation. But a relation outwards - bringing the self out of the body - maybe about identity???
Sunday10May2009 11:43

Carla to Marnie
Working about Terrain works with the idea of country (in the aboriginal concept) - how the body inhabits terrain but terrain not only as surface but earth/environment
Sunday10May2009 11:43

Marnie to Carla
it's meaning
Sunday10May2009 11:44

Carla to Marnie
With the idea of terrain, I'm thinking about the centre of the body with earth, not just at surface - inhabiting terrain at a macro level. Not just surface of my feet.
as compared to
inhabiting terrain - related to the earth, not based on surfaces. Centre of the body, centre of the earth.
Work around this is working with the centre of the body.
Also - Terrain does not need to be in relation to the surface eg of my feet - but eg with the trees...?
Sunday10May2009 11:49

Carla to Marnie: I'm always coming back to looking in space - always changing the gravitational direction
Sunday10May2009 11:52
Marnie is working with process driven but working towards specific outcome
Marnie Orr
Sunday10May2009 11:57

Marnie to Carla: presence | identifying properties to be able to work with them eg. speed = direction - angles - timing - | walking boy | gaze | relation = extension | BASIC TRAINING rather than creative process. Not so internal. Looking at strategies.
eg. Exeter workshop @ CCANW --> creative. Blindfold, individual work - we got to a point of deep experience with the participants. I don't think that was so evidnt even in the 5 weeks of work. Or, it occurred, but it wasn't at a precise moment. It happenned accumulativly, eg. especially with Maitland.
Sunday10May2009 12:00

Marnie to Carla: The focus was broad and changing. We presented 3 times, in very different circumstances, in very different sites. We are building a palette of experience, rather than intensive inward moments as was with the CCANW workshop.
Sunday10May2009 12:03

Carla to Marnie
This is your task: how your body can inhabit terrain working phisicaly with your centre and observing your presence in the environment
Marnie Orr
Sunday10May2009 12:04
Can you be more specific?
Sunday10May2009 12:05

working with my centre to give the direction and speeds and diff qualities in realtion to terrain - different textures of terrain - work physically with a specific focus.
Sunday10May2009 12:06

Carla to Marnie
These are your questions:
what changes happens with your presence in the environment when choosing a specific focus? your centre?
Sunday10May2009 12:07

then you maybe can see how you work with your presence in the environmet when NOT having a specific focus
Sunday10May2009 12:08

Marnie to Carla
I'm relating this to MACRO | MICRO investigation
Sunday10May2009 12:09

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